FAQ Related to interior design ideas and interior architecture

What is the difference between modular and semi modular kitchen?

Bellezza interior designers will suggest you the right kitchen ideas based on your cooking habits, space availability and current site condition. The following comparison will help you to choose between fully modular and semi modular kitchen. This is a simple template developed by top rated interior designers in Chennai and coimbatore.

How to start the process of interior design for my house?

  • Meet our interior designer in Chennai and Coimbatore at our office
  • Get a brief about latest interior design ideas from our team
  • Discuss with your existing floor plan and current site condition
  • Schedule a site visit ( Visit to your house or office ) with our interior designers
  • Get a detailed estimation based on the discussion
  • Kick start the interior design process [3d, 2d designs etc]

At what time of building construction we can plan the interior design ideas?

  • Usually it’s advisable to start discussion during the construction stage itself
  • This will help our interior designers to create a plan and suggest electrical point changes, wall and window positioning changes and tile related points

When will be the right time to start the interior work at our house?

The work at site will commence after the tiles work gets completed, meanwhile we need to freeze all the interior designs related to your house. Also we suggest starting the work at site once all the civil works are completed.

What will be the approximate cost of the interior design package?

Bellezza interior designers will visit your site and understand your exact requirements and quote accordingly. Also we recommend you to tentatively have some rough budget range, so accordingly we can plan the usage of Mica Finishes, Handles, Etc

What are the materials you use for modular kitchen and wardrobe?

Materials from bellezza interior designers are mostly made of plywood. For modular kitchen we encourage BWP and for wardrobe and other interior work we encourage Hardplywood. As a policy, bellezza never recommends MDF, Particle Boards, PVC and low range materials

How long will the interior design process take? How many days for work completion?

Usually designing takes 7 working days and also depends on the size of the project; Work will be completed in 45 days depends of the scope of interior design ideas and site condition

What are the locations you serve as an interior designer?

We can execute in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Telungana. We are already rated as the best interior designers in Chennai and coimbatore

We want the best interior designers in Coimbatore and Chennai to handle our work. Will they have knowledge on painting, lighting ideas and other furnishing ideas like sofa design and balcony makeovers?

We are renowned as leading interior designers in Chennai and Coimbatore because of the additional expertise we have in serving the clients with lighting, sofa designs and painting ideas. We can surely assist you in these aspects of interior architecture.

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